Confideo 5th General Mentors Meeting

On Tuesday December 5 2017, Confideo Venture Mentoring organized its 5th General Mentors Meeting in Beirut Digital District Building #1280.
The meeting started with a feedback debrief and follow-up session discussing the current state of Confideo VM followed by a Skype call with Mr.Kent Summers; MIT VMS trainer and mentor who answered all the mentors queries.
Additionally, 6 new ventures joined the pool and pitched to the audience stressing out their challenges and areas where the mentors could be of help and support. 4 out of the 6 ventures are part of the Agrytech program (Mothers’ Cooking, EasyReady, Mekaprep & Starchy) as for the remaining two (Go Baladi and Towbe) one belongs to the agro-food industry and the other to the high tech.
Mrs. Zakie Karam was introduced as a new mentor growing the pool to 41 mentors to date helping 24 ventures.
All mentors were given the opportunity to show interest in the new ventures letting the Confideo staff do the pairing and matching.
Finally, the meeting closed on a networking break over some finger food and wine giving the entrepreneurs and mentors the chance to engage in a less formal setting.

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