MIT VMS Training to Confideo Mentors

On November 18, 2016, and one day following the launch of Confideo Venture Mentoring, a full-day training session gathered Confideo mentors and was led by Mr. Kent Summers, Mentor/Trainer at MIT Venture Mentoring Service (MIT VMS).

The immersive training was an opportunity for fellow mentors to mingle and network, while getting an overview of the program as per MIT VMS principles.

The day started with introductions and an overview of the MIT VMS model. Mr. Summers presented the guiding principles of the initiative, and the rationale behind team mentoring as well as its practice.

To conclude, and for a hands-on experience, two team mentoring demo sessions took place, followed by a discussion and feedback by Mr. Summers.

The program will kick off with a batch of 20 mentors to be assigned to four selected ventures. By mid-January 2017, a second Mentor Training day will take place, onboarding new ventures and new mentors, and making necessary amendments in previous assignments.

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