Confideo VM First Mentors General Meeting

Following the launch of Confideo VM pilot program in November 2016, the first General Mentors Meeting took place on January 26, 2017 at the Center for Higher Institute for Banking Studies (ISEB) at Saint Joseph University.

The meeting kicked-off with a call with MIT VMS Mentor & Trainer Mr. Kent Summers, as a follow up on the pilot program developments and so as to answer questions and inquiries of enrolled mentors and new mentors.
Following the call, the group welcomed three new mentors: Mr. Nabil Bejjani, Mr. Amer Mardam Bey, and Mr. Pierre Issa.
Three new ventures were also introduced, namely Sqwirl, Moodfit, and Cranium, and mentors were directly assigned to each.

To date, Confideo VM gathers 23 mentors and 6 ventures, with plans to continue growing both pools of mentors and ventures to maximize the program’s benefits.

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